The KETCH UP brand is an international chain with restaurants in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Dubai, China and Lithuania.


KETCH UP’s claim to fame is our signature craft burgers cooked with internally-created technology. The menu also includes others global hits across snacks, salads, soups, mains, and desserts.

Our restaurants boast a special, unique atmosphere: high-quality service, stylish interior design and printwork, fashionable music, events and parties.

Our team and guests are full of energy. We live in the rhythm of the modern big cities!

If you’re interested in a stable income flow with a strong and reliable partner, and you have experience in the restaurant business, the KETCH UP franchise is the right fit for you.





* The right to use a strong and popular brand;

* Professional support of your projects;

* Efficient advertising and marketing campaigns;

* Help with opening new facilities;

* Design projects;

* Databases from suppliers of equipment, furniture and foods;

* Recipes and cooking techniques;

* Help with hiring and staff education;

* Connection to the website;

* Help with delivery system organization;

* Support for business operations at every stage of restaurant development and management: from the marketing strategy to the seasonal menu updates;

* Legal support.


Succeed together with KETCH UP!