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Immersion in the atmosphere KETCH UP



Restaurants KETCH UP — for young, talented, modern and dynamic. This is a restaurant-burger format for a metropolis. Here you can arrange a business meeting, have fun with friends in a noisy company, gather a family for lunch.
restaurant for all occasions of life

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of nightlife

Ketch Up attraction zone is a 14-meter bar with overhanging greenery and a view of the open kitchen. The bar on Pokrovka under the direction of the bar-bartender Aleksandr Toikinen pleases with an unsurpassed classics and copyrights of the season. In a couple of delicious menus ─ delicious music of the capital Ketch Up, setting the rhythm of the tinkling of glasses and movements on the dance floor. From Thursday to Saturday, when fashionable DJs from all over the country take on acceleration from jazz and ethnicity to disco and house, the restrained atmosphere in the brutal walls of Ketch Up changes to a club one. So a business meeting turns into a creative collaboration. This is how a modern metropolis lives!

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